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   Rules & Regulations / Rialacha & Rialachain

1.  All exhibits shall be at the sole risk of the owners and must be

     in the charge of, and attended to, by the owner or his agent

     during the show.

2.  The committee reserves the right to postpone or cancel the

     show or to cancel or amalgamate any class without being

     liable to compensation.

3.  The committee delegates full power to stewards to enforce the


4.  The Judges decision is final.

5.  Objections must be logged with the Show Secretary within

     half an hour of the incident accompanied with a deposit of

     €50.00 which will be forfeited if the objection is not sustained

    or considered valid.

6.  The show committee acting through its officers reserve the

     right to refuse an entry without giving any reasons.

7.  All foals must be led.  All mares with a foal at foot must be

     accompanied by their foals in the ring.

8.  Everyone attending the show must treat safety as a priority at

     all times.

Irish Draught Mare


Family Entertainment

Dog Show

Rules for the Louisburgh Horse Show

Saturday - 26th - June - 2010

Admission to the show is €5 per Adult with Children  Free

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